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Having keenly observed political and other trends in the country in recent months,Deriving our mandate as the people’s watchdog from the laws of Kenya, Acknowledging the progress made and challenges faced in the implementation of the Constitution, Aware that the Constitution has been und r threat as a result of unconstitutional legislation and continued impunity, asserting that sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya as per Article 1 of the Constitution, address the following issues Read more here: CREC OPress statement August 2014




The marking of Katiba Day as a commemorative annual event is informed by the need to regularly take stock of the gains and missteps made each successive year in the quest for a new democratic and people responsive constitutional order since the people of Kenya gave themselves a new constitution in exercise of their sovereign and inalienable right to determine the form of governance of their country on 27th August 2010. It is therefore important for Kenyans to continuously remind  themselves that it is also their inalienable duty to live, safeguard and actualize gains engendered by the CoK 2010 by participating in its implementation and engaging with the persons and institutions entrusted with different constitutional implementation roles. (more…)


PEACEFUL ELECTIONS IN AFRICA: Tools for Practitioners and Policymakers

Peaceful Elections Course

CRECO in partnership with United States Institute for Peace (USIP) are pleased to announce a course on Peaceful Elections in Africa is now open to interested applicants to apply.

The training will take place as from 20th – 23rd October 2014, at a location in Nairobi, Kenya.

Those interested in applying should have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience.  To apply please go to: or Click on the link below to view the flyer!

Peaceful Elections Course Flyer


FIRIMBI BULLETIN – Focus on Lamu County

Operation Firimbi Bulletin is a publication of Mazingira Institute (a Member of CRECO) supported by Rooftops Canada/Abri International with assistance from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.  In its March 2014 Bulletin, the publication sought to highlight the issues that have raised and continue raising tension in Lamu County.  To read this informative and eye opening publication please click here:  Operation Firimbi, March 2014 Issue.




Consideration and Approval of County Governments’ Budget Estimates

Whereas some Members of the County Assemblies are very knowledgeable and well informed of their role in the budget process, some are (more…)





CRECO is a member organization of the Kenya Civil Society Competence and Sustainability Program (KCSCSP) “Viwango” and as a consortium seeking to strengthen civil society organizations through providing leadership in excellence and self regulation, CRECO sought to recognize the important role civil society organizations play in the democratization process in Kenya. (more…)


Nairobi County Estimates

scanned copies of the proposed budget estimates for Nairobi City County

The public have until Wednesday, 30th April 2014 to hand in their submissions


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