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The Devolution Forum Press Statement

The Devolution Forum held its press conference on the Status of Implementation of Devolved Government on 14th October 2014 and called on Governors to be accountable in the use of county resources. It is only through accountability that delivery of services at the county level will trickle to the grassroots.TDF wants both the national and county governments to form policies that will guide smooth delivery of services at all levels and this will reduce conflicts on who should perform what task, which results in delays implementing projects.

Whereas there have been significant strides in the implementation of devolution, we are deeply concerned that the implementation process is at risk due to several factors such as;

  1. Bottlenecks in Financing County Functions
  2. Lack of Transparency in Capacity Building and Technical Assistance to County Governments
  3. Absence of Enabling National Framework
  4. Intergovernmental Fighting and divisive competition
  5. Legislative Impunity

In view of the aforementioned, TDF resolved to launch the Gatua Ugatuzi Campaign designed to protect devolution.

Download the full statement here:The Devolution Forum (TDF) Public Statement on the implementation of Devolution


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