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Key Bills Developed and Passed in 2013

Several key constitutional bills were developed and several over-arching policies reviewed to meet the new government dispensation.  Towards this, the CIC engaged several relevant ministries, departments and state agencies for purposes of identifying, prioritizing, developing and reviewing of legislation and policies.  (more…)


Kenya Marks 50 Years of Independence

Kenya Marked 50 years after independence on Thursday 12th December 2013. On the eve of the celebration the national flag was raised at midnight at the Uhuru Gardens. Other dignitaries that attended the Jamhuru Day celebrations were Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, Malawian President Joyce Banda, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Gabon’s President Omar Bongo.

The government is faced with a myriad of problems including the rising cases of crime,corruption,human rights abuse, anti-reforms,tribalism and bad leadership


The CSO Reference Group, an umbrella network of several Public Benefits Organisations,
unreservedly and unequivocally welcome the decision by Majority Leader Hon Aden Duale to
withdraw several amendments contained in the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill at the
second reading of the Bill this afternoon.
The presentations by Members of Parliament, prior to the withdrawal, came from both sides of the
National Assembly. We salute their bi-partisanship and commitment to national development,
democratic governance and the rule of law.

Read More here…Post PBOs Amendments withdrawal Statement CSO Reference Group


UN Rights Expert response to Statute Law Bill

GENEVA (3 December 2013) – A group of United Nations Special Rapporteurs today urged the Government of Kenya to reject legislation that would impose severe restrictions on civil society. “The Bill is an evidence of a growing trend in Africa and elsewhere, whereby governments are trying to exert more control over independent groups using so-called ‘NGO laws,’” the human rights experts warned. To read more, click below: UN Rights Expert response to the Kenya Statute Law Bill on CSO restriction.


Paliament Notice in regard to PBO Amendments.

Kindly see attached the Government notice on the PBO Act Amendments

Parliament Advert


Memoranda to the National Assembly

A Bill has been tabled before the Senate that  seeks to amend the County Governments Act, 2012 by introducing a new Section 111A which aims at establishing County Development Boards in all the 47 counties. The Bill sets out the composition of the Board to include inter alia, Senators from the County, Members of Parliament, identified representatives from the County Executive and the County Assembly. A memoranda to the national Assembly and the Senate two amendment Bill 2013 was made signed and delivered. This was signed by members of parliamentary Initiative Network (PIN) and The Institute of Social Accountability

To download the memoranda click on the following link;





Constitution & Reform Education Consortium(CRECO) in partnership with URAIA and 4C’s, held a KATIBA DAY Commemoration event at the UFUNGAMANO Hall on 27th August 2013 starting at 9.00 a.m. There was debate on emerging issues, gains so far made in the implementation of the constitution and moving a away forward. The theme of the 2013 Katiba Day celebrations was “Reflecting on the gains, marching towards constitutionalism”

Members of CRECO  also carried out  Katiba Day activities throughout the country. There were also radio talk shows in a number of fm stations and some of the radio stations that the radio talk shows were hosted include: Qfm, Sauti ya Mwananchi, Radio Amani, KBC radio and possibly TV, Namlolwe fm.

There was  a social media campaign which was happening across the country on Katiba day using the hash tag @KatibadayKE# on Twitter and face book.

some media links

The Journey Gains and Transformative Nature of the CoK 2010



CSOYA Learning Sessions

Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) through its flagship program Civil Society of the Year Awards (CSOYA) held Learning Sessions for all 2012 CSOYA Winners and Applicants at the Lenana Conference Centre.  The trainings were held on 2 – 4th July 2013 and brought together Boards and Management teams from the participating organizations.

The learning sessions were conducted by an able team of professionals drawn from the CSOYA Jury these being Mr. Paul Okumu, Ms. Miriam Ningome, Mr. Steve Kirimi and Ms. Chilande Waria.  Participating organizations were: Centre for Enhancing Democracy & Good Governance (CEDGG), Independent Medico Legal Unit (IMLU), United Disabled Empowerment Kenya (UDEK), Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), Kituo Cha Sheria, Muungano Maendeleo Organization (MMO), Mobilisation Agency for Paralegal Communities in Africa (MAPACA), Community Based Development Services (COBADES), Institute for Civic Education and Development in Africa (ICEDA) and Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRCE).

The learning sessions were participatory and the representatives from the various organizations got a chance to learn from the winners of CSOYA on what made them tick, and the best practices they used in their organizations.  Presentations on best practices were made by LRF, IMLU, Kituo Cha Sheria and CEDGG.

CSOYA hopes to continue holding such sessions in future due to the high demand and thirst for knowledge.  Indeed the sessions were quite refreshing!

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