CRECO Trust is a network of civil society organizations that belong to the broad human rights, governance and democracy category of NGOs.  CRECO was founded in 1998, even though its history dates as far back as 1992 when NGOs involved in human rights, democracy and governance begun to proliferate.  CRECO’s membership comprises 23 CSOs united in the vision of a just society.  CRECO is committed to promoting constitutionalism, democratic governance and institutional excellence through coordination and capacity building of CSOs.

CRECO membership is drawn from both urban and rural-based NGOs working in 47 counties of Kenya.  The composition of the membership is multi-sectoral, with organizations that deal with such sectors as the youth, women, workers, and pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya, ethnic minorities in Rift Valley, Coastal communities, urban and rural squatters among others.

CRECO is governed on the basis of a Trust Deed derived from a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that was executed in 1999 by the founders of the consortium.  The Deed provides for the AGM and Governing Council as the supreme decision-making and policy-making organs respectively of the consortium.  The AGM elects a 7-member management committee (MC) every two years to oversee the management of the consortium.  The management committee has established a secretariat to implement the programs of the consortium.   CRECO secretariat is responsible for coordinating the design of programs and implementation of activities of the consortium, promoting sharing of information among members, capacity building for the membership and networking with other CSOs, Consortia and partners in general.


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