Jukwaa La Katiba

Approval of the new Constitution in the August 4, 2010 referendum was a milestone in CRECO’s quest for constitutionalism and good governance in Kenya. After the referendum, the Jukwaa La Katiba was initiated. The Jukwaa La Katiba platform was adopted during a National Civil Society Post-Referendum Conference held between the 15th  and 18th of August in 2010. As the successor to the Katiba Sasa! Campaign, the Jukwaa La Katiba holds weekly Press Conferences and is the people’s platform for implementation of the Constitution. Jukwaa La Katibas operations are run by the CRECO secretariat. Its objectives are:

  • To ensure the faithful implementation of the Constitution.
  • To mobilise Kenyans in defence of the Constitution.
  • To provide a platform for Kenyans from diverse group to participate in the  implementation of the constitution across the country.
  • To improve the understanding of the constitution through civic and political education.

For more information on Jukwaa la Katiba activities and current news on the constitution implementation process please visit the Jukwaa websites at: www.katibasasa.org

CRECO’s Strategic Plan has now shifted focus and resources towards promoting the implementation of the new constitution through advocacy, civic engagement, institutional strengthening and partnerships development. Click here for a brief  history of CRECO.

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