Civil Society of the Year Awards (CSOYA)


Former US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger presents a trophy to a Winning Organization

CRECO is a member organization of the Kenya Civil Society Competence and Sustainability Program (KCSCP) “Viwango” and as a consortium seeking to strengthen civil society organizations through providing leadership excellence and self regulation, CRECO sought to recognize the important role civil society organizations play in the democratization process in Kenya.

In pursuit of its mandate to support and promote its members and in furtherance of the ideals of the National Civil Society Congress as an implementing partner CRECO conceived the Civil Society of the Year Awards (CSOYA) as a mechanism to gauge the status of its members and inspire their desire for growth and change. CSOYA serves to ensure that organizations get the much deserved appreciation for what they are doing. The Award therefore seeks to bring to light the work and strength of CSOs by recognizing and awarding them. The award falls under CRECO’s thematic area of Capacity Building.

The CSOYA Awards have now run for two years consecutively awarding civil society organizations and community based organizations in the Democracy and Governance sector for their exemplary work and to encourage them to seek self regulation towards achievement of their objectives.

CSOYA arose out of the realization that the civil society has had governance and performance, as well as monitoring and evaluation challenges that needed to be addressed. The development of a framework for this can both be internal and/or external. The idea of capacity development for civil society organizations has also gained currency with development partners in recent years.

GOAL: Enhancing institutional Excellence


  • To celebrate and reward CSOs in the Democracy and Governance sector for the work that they have done that has had impact in the communities they work in.
  • To strengthen civil society organizations especially in policy formulation and structural organization
  • To strengthen civil society organizations towards building sustainable entities capable of having long term impacts
  • To contribute to the establishment of Civil Society Standards under the Kenya Civil Society Competence and Strengthening Programme (KCSCSP)


  • A strengthened civil society sector delivering quality services to its target communities.
  • A more technically competent civil society
  • Enhanced relationships between civil society, donors and the private sector
  • Strengthened networking mechanisms between members of the civil society working in the democracy and governance sector





Members of the Kenyan Section of International Commission for Jurists (ICJ Kenya) receive a trophy from one of the guests

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