In line with CRECO Network’s Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015, the following programmes are being run:


Overall Goal: To strengthen the CRECO Network members.

Purpose: Improved networking and collaboration within the CRECO network and other Civil Society Organisations.

Expected Results:

  • The improvement of  CSO’s capacity in institutional and programme management, as well as adoption of good governance practices.
  • Strengthening of the  CRECO’s secretariat capacity.
  • Improved networking and collaboration among the CRECO CSO’s
  • Strengthening of the CRECO financial base.
  • Improved recognition of CRECO as an administrative network.


Goal: To realize effective public sector management through advocacy on public sector policy and legislation and the proper management of public institutions where effective collection, allocation and utilization of public finance will be realized.

Purpose: To enhance Community participation in governance and development.

Expected Results:

  • The development of a Comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation System.
  • Enhanced Citizen’s involvement in the constitutional implementation and institutional reform processes
  • The realization of people responsive laws and policies.
  • A reformed public sector that is sensitive to citizens’ needs and aspirations.
  • The strengthened ability of CRECO members and other CSOs to carry out advocacy at national and county levels.


Goal: To promote, uphold and safeguard equality, equity and human dignity for all especially with regard to special interest groups.

Purpose: To promote equality, equity and human dignity for all.

Expected Results:

  • The realization of affirmative action for special interest groups.
  • The realization of laws that are responsive to affirmative action.
  • The promotion and enhancement of human dignity.
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