Vision and Mission

Vision: A Just Society

Mission: To promote Constitutionalism, Democratic Governance and Institutional Development


Core Business

CRECO will deliver its vision through advocacy, civic engagement, institutional strengthening and partnership development.


Integrity: CRECO member organizations, board members and staff will be required to observe honesty in all affairs and dealings at all times.

Accountability: CRECO member organizations, board members and staff will conduct their affairs and business in an open manner, willingly subjecting themselves to public scrutiny and critique.

Equity and equality: CRECO will uphold and reflect the inherent dignity of all men and women in all its affairs and businesses at all levels at all times. In furtherance of this value CRECO shall apply affirmative action in its structures, systems, operations and programs to promote the interest and needs of disadvantaged groups.

Professionalism: CRECO shall, at all times, endeavour to conduct its business in the most professional manner, adhering to the rules and procedures spelt out in its various operational policies and best practice standards set by various recognizable local and international bodies.

Innovation: CRECO shall stimulate, promote and support innovative thinking and practices among its member organisations,board members board and staff.

Respect for Diversity: CRECO will at all times promote recognition of and respect for diversity (and the elimination of discrimination) amongst its ranks, partners and the wider society.

Tolerance: Member organizations, board members and staff or agents of CRECO, while acting on behalf of CRECO shall be required to exercise tolerance when dealing with other people, organisations and institutions.

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