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Jukumu Letu Mombasa County started on 20th July 2015 with activities being implemented as follows
Meetings/ Courtesy calls
CSO Meeting
The meeting took place on 21st July 2015 at the Little Theatre Auditorium with a total of 20 participants (18 Male & 2 female). CRECO was represented by Mr. Joshua Changwony and Boaz Mugoto while Ilishe Trust was represented by Hezron Katana. Organisations represented included among others;

  3. CDLG
  4. Ujamaaa Centre
  5. Juhudi Community Support Centre
  6. House of Talent
  7. Baraka fm
  8. Sauti ya Makao
  9. Kwacha Africa
  10. CWID

Those who sent apologies but promised to join in Jukumu Letu activities later included;
1. Haki Africa
2. Muhuri


The main purpose of the meeting was to seek to partner with organisations that work in Mombasa County and share with them on Jukumu Letu project. The meeting also sought to get support of these organisations in mobilisation for the activities and especially during the launch/ activation which would be the apex of all the activities.

  • Outcomes/Results

Issues that affect the people of Mombasa were shared; these were as follows
Rampant drug use and abuse among the youth
Radicalization/Extremism and insecurity seen as a result of poor handling of terror suspects by the government
Extrajudicial killings by the police, youth just disappear and later found dead
Lack of public participation seen as the major problem
Land issues, many people do not own title deeds and thus are not able to access to certain services like loans e.t.c.
Social economic unfairness, non Mombasa people are employed by different government departments both National & County
It is felt that people have a mindset that ‘we have been marginalised’ and thus not able to participate in any developmental initiatives
Venue for the launch was identified and agreed on. This would be at Mama Ngina Drive. Others which had been proposed included; Khadija grounds, Frere centre, Tononoka, Kadogo ground and Jomo Kenyatta public beach.
The link contact persons to various county leaders (Governor, Senator, MP for Mvita, MCAs for Juda & Changamwe, County Speaker) were identified and their contacts shared.

Meeting with Zangalewa Group

Zangalewa is a group known for its entertainment activities in the whole of coastal region and thus there was need to involve them in the Jukumu Letu project. They resolved to work with Jukumu Letu and would attend all the major activities starting with presentation on the constitution content set for Monday 27th July 2015, the dress rehearsal on Friday 31st July 2015 and the main activation on 1st August 2015. They would help in mobilisation of the public on the launch day.

Meeting with Deputy County Commissioner

The meeting took place on 22nd July 2015 at the County Commissioner’s office. The purpose of this meeting was to seek the office of the County Commissioner to support the Jukumu Letu initiative and invite the commissioner to the launch. On behalf of the County Commissioner, his deputy – Mr. Charles Akwanado promised that the office would be represented and after listening to the highlights on Jukumu Letu presented by Regina Opondo – Executive Secretary CRECO, he fully supported the initiative and requested that apart from targeting public, CRECO through ILISHE to organise for a platform for all elected leaders, the governments (both National and County), opinion, community and local leaders.

Meeting with IEBC Regional Coordinator

This was done on 22nd July 2015 when Regina Opondo (CRECO Executive Secretary) and Joshua Changwony (Program Coordinator) paid a courtesy call to their offices. The IEBC Coordinator Ms. Amina Soud promised to educate the public on voter education as well as those who have ID cards and have not registered would have an opportunity to be registered.

Meeting with County Speaker
A courtesy call was done to the office of the County Speaker Mr. Thaddeus Rajwayi on 23rd July 2015. The Clerk of the County Assembly Mr. Tubman Otieno was also present
The two agreed to support the initiative but requested for information on their roles in the program during launch.




Civil society groups are proposing a new Bill that will put the Constituency Development Fund under the control of the National Government.The proposed Bill seeks to have a framework that retains the fund as a social fund established in law to support national functions through projects identified by communities at the sub-county level.

Click on the following link to download the statement issued to the press on 16th June 2015 Civil Society Statement on the Constituency Development Fund (CDF)


Nakuru County Government Budget estimates

Nakuru County Government Budget estimates for the financial year 2015/16 were tabled in the County Assembly on April,30th 2015 and were committed to all Sectoral Committees for deliberations and input.

In regard to this,The County Assembly of Nakuru invites members of the public,stakeholders and interested parties to submit their view on the MTEF BUDGET ESTIMATES for the year 2015/2016.Written representation may be hand delivered to The Office of The Clerk or e-mailed to on or before 2nd june,2015 i.e.coming Tuesday.

Click the link below for more information………………..


Maswali Kuhusu Bajeti Ya Kaunti Yako

Shughuli ya bajeti ya mwaka 2014/2015 ilikumbwa na changamoto nyingi lakini kaunti zilifanikiwa kutoa mwongozo wa mipango ya fedha kwa mara ya kwanza na kaunti nyingi ziliandaa bajeti zao kwa kuzingatia mwongozo huu. Zaidi ya yote, kama inavyohitajika na sheria ya mwaka 2012 kuhusu matumizi ya fedha za umma, kaunti nyingi mwaka huu zilitengeneza bajeti kwa kuzingatia Program Based Budgeting (ratiba ya utekelezaji Final Version_Maswali 20 muhimu kuhusu bajeti ya kaunti yako


Jukumu Letu Nakuru County

The Nakuru Launch

The event took place at the Nyayo gardens performances from various art groups among them Dance, Puppeteers cartoonists and musicians.

A puppetry performance by the title “Watu Bila Waya” is about leaders and responsibilities. It seeks to depict issues such as unemployment, corruption, and responsible leadership. Nakuru County is one of the fastest growing counties in Kenya. It rose into limelight as the first county to provide free internet connectivity. But it was short-lived. The county has achieved notoriety for incessant wrangles at the County Assembly. Youth complain about unemployment. Hawkers are being displaced and relocated.

In the meantime, MCAs are simply concerned about grabbing space. They have “eaten” the market and they want to eat more. The performance by the puppeteers was ‘laughing’ at the resent fights among Members of the County Assembly (MCA’s) that saw President Uhuru Kenyatta form a committee to investigate the squabble. The performance also enacted the removal of hawkers from the center of town that has seen the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua administration rub shoulders the wrong way with the hawkers. In the performance question questions are raised on the validity of the exercise which has been said to be aimed at ‘cleaning’ the town so as to reclaim Nakuru’s ‘lost glory’.


Performers entertaining the crowds

Other artistic expressions that attracted citizens are cartoons that have been drawn by a group of four cartoonists led by veteran and celebrated cartoonist James Kamawira aka Kham. Led by Kham the cartoonist showcased different cartoons on the problems afflicting residents.

KATUNIs engagement seeks to:

  • Empower youth to be the agents of change in their respective counties and communities by training them to communicate through the use of cartoons and illustrations.
  • Educate citizens on the contents of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 for them to understand their rights and responsibilities to this nation.
  • Empower youth and women by encouraging them to participate in their own governance at community, County and National level.

The initiative’s overall goal is to animate discussion and promote understanding of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 in order to increase participation in the devolved governance system by fostering youth and women competence and participation in the political arena, leadership and governance.

EXHIBITION 25/4/2015

Even before the launch started, there was a large excited crowd milling around the Nyayo Gardens, waiting for the performances, which started at around 11.00, AM. Soon after, there was a power, which cost the JUKUMU LETU team quite some time. The issue was eventually resolved 3 hours later when a generator was brought in. The crowd was entertained by the Dance into space troupe followed by the puppeteers and the Sarabi musicians. These performances were incredibly powerful and created quite a buzz on the grounds.

The exhibition at the launch generated a lot interest from residents and at all times throughout the launch, people could be seen looking at the cartoons and discussing them excitedly. The power of the messages displayed attracted the wrath of the County management who subsequently tried to sabotage the launch by denying the JUKUMU LETU team power from their buildings. The launch was delayed for some time but the message had been passed loud and clear!


Other key performances were from the Dance into Space, Djs With A cause and Sarabi Band, all of which had trained local artists in bringing out the issues affecting the county through dance and music.

Other than the performances, there have been radio talk shows both on national and local fm stations on the work of Jukumu Letu.


DJ Sir Me having a discussion with clothes vendor who shared on the issues that affect them


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