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Resources on Devolution

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) who is a member of CRECO has published detailed job descriptions of elected leaders; see link below.

Other resources on devolution can also be downloaded from the sites below.

History & Objectives of Devolution

Powers & Functions of county governments

Human Rights and the Counties

Politico-constitutional structure and the politics of devolved government in Kenya

CRECO will be posting more links for any devolution resources it receives from time to time


CRECO holds a Roundtable on Security

Constitution & Reform Education Consortium in support of the Elections Observation Group (ELOG) held a Roundtable on Security on 3rd July 2012, at the Hotel Intercontinental, Mara South Room.  The meeting was a follow up on the report that CRECO launched on 2nd May 2012, titled ‘Baseline Report on Conflict – Mapping and Profiles of 47 Counties in Kenya‘.  The report was the culmination of a study to map out the incidences of violence as has been witnessed in the recent past in order to develop a basis for monitoring and carrying out other actions by different actors that are hoped to culminate in building a culture of peace in Kenya. Indeed this study was a critical but first step in the process. The report sought to give a profile on conflict and peace issues affecting the 47 counties and was based on a desktop review of existing literature including reports by Government.

The Roundtable Meeting held aimed to:

  1. Brief review of the Baseline Report on Conflict – Mapping and Profiles of 47 Counties in Kenya
  2. Stakeholders briefs  on  preparedness, experiences and challenges
  3. Brain storm on how to work together to mitigate conflict and avert eventual violence before, during and after elections

The meeting was quite successful and well attended with main speakers being the National Cohesion Integration Commission Chairman, Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia, the Permanent Secretary – Ministry of State for Defence, Ambassador Nancy Kirui, and Mr. Steve Kirimi, Executive Director, PEACENET Kenya and Mr. Tom Kagwe, Member of the National Police Oversight Commission.  Other representatives included the National Security Council (NSC), Nairobi Peace Initiative – NPI Africa, Usalama Forum, International Centre for Policy and Conflict, Saferworld among others.

Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia speaking at the Roundtable

A report of the process will be shared out to all participants in due course.  The deliberations of the meeting will go a long way in informing strategy development by the Elections Observations Group (ELOG) in the come up to the monitoring and observation of the General Elections


Jukwaa La Katiba PC (5th June 2011)


The Jukwaa La Katiba which is run by the CRE-CO secretariat held its weekly Press Conference on Sunday 5th June 2011 at the 680  Hotel. The members demanded immediate enactment of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Bill with specific provisions on:

(i) Open and public declaration of wealth by all state officers

(ii) Making it a criminal offence not to declare wealth as required by the law

(iii) Giving prosecutorial powers to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in line with Article 157 (12) of the Constitution, which  states, “Parliament may enact legislation conferring powers of prosecution on authorities other than the Director of Public Prosecutions”, and

(iv) Making it an offence for public officers to be involved in business in line with Article 77 (1) of the Constitution.

Read the full statement as was read by the President of the National Civil Society Congress (NCSC).

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