The 2013 General Elections will be a pivotal moment in Kenya’s history. It will be the first election under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 which brings a raft of changes and reforms. It will also be the first general election since the tragically flawed Elections of 2007.

CRECO plans to carry out Election monitoring and observation using ICT on a larger scale compared to 2010 and to continue to build the capacity of Civil Society to do the same. The 2013 general elections will be unique as the voters will be required to vote for  6 elective posts from the customary three. There is the possibility of confusion, long queues and impatience among voters because of the changes.

The use of ICT in the monitoring and informing of electoral processes in the region was first discussed in a Hivos partner meeting in March 2010 in Nairobi.  One of the resolutions of the meeting was that a programme to be called “Election Watch for East Africa 2010 – 2013” be developed. The Constitutional Referendum in Kenya was seen as a pre-test of the tools and methods so that the same could be deployed in the region’s electoral processes that were coming up (Tanzania – October 2010, Uganda – March 2011 and Kenya 2013).

The platform of Uchaguzi  was thus established, a short code was sourced and popularized throughout the country, and 550 observers were trained and deployed in identified constituencies.  The result was a momentous data and information flow which instantaneously portrayed the state of the nation before during and after the e-day.

Citizens Participation

In respect of the role of the citizenry, in the implementation of its project CRECO aims at making everybody an observer and therefore raising their stake in the elections. The fact that people’s concerns/reporting will, once verified, be published for view by all will increase the confidence of the people on the vote. Linkages will also be developed with key institutions and actors to ensure that necessary action is taken to stem any occurrence of malpractices.

CRECO will monitor and observe the general elections with the aim of assessing adherence to the set guidelines and legal frameworks and especially adherence to the principle of free, fair and credible elections. This is intended to promote transparency and credibility of the process and enhance good practice while deterring intimidation, electoral fraud, violence and other irregularities.

ICT Methodology

CRECO be carrying out Monitoring and Observation of the 2013 Kenyan General Elections using ICT methodology of crowd sourcing in collaboration with Hivos and Ushahidi in the Uchaguzi programme. In this partnership Hivos is providing financial and programme technical support; Ushahidi is providing technical ICT support and CRECO is the link to the Civil Society component and public participation. The ICT component will be supported by observers recruited from all constituencies across the country who will act as verifiers of information sourced from the crowd. The short code is 3002

CRECO will also incorporate observers from the Eastern African Region’s Civil Society into the project to enhance learning and networking.


To contribute towards a free, fair and credible general election for Kenya in 2013.


  • To enhance the capacity of Civil Society to use ICT to monitor and observe elections
  • To increase citizen participation in free and fair elections
  • To enhance transparency and credibility of the electoral process
  • To evaluate the electoral process in Kenya during the 2013 General Elections.

Recruitment and Training of Supervisors

Through its member organisations and other partners CRECO embarked on the observers recruit exercise through the country. 3 observers and one supervisor were recruited in each of the 290 Constituencies.

Supervisors Training

The trainings for the supervisors were held concurrently on 16th February 2013 in Nairobi, Meru, Mombasa and Kisumu as per the clustered agreed upon earlier. The trainings were done by the Secretariat staff( George Shiundu, Jared Aol and Boaz Mugoto) and MC members (George Awuor & Aminer). It is anticipated that the Observers trainings would be done immediately.

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